5 Tips For Your Outdoor Living Space

An outdoor living space is a great way to take advantage of the green, spacious exterior that comes with your house. 

The options to customize your yard are almost limitless. Whether you want to turn it into a garden, a playground for your children, or a cozy refuge for your family and guests to relax, your choices are only limited by your creativity. However, designing an outdoor living space is not the same as planning your home’s interior. For instance, outdoor design requires some thoughts about weatherproofing, electric amenities, and nature. 

Our Cedarglen Homes at Encore West Grove Estates boast expansive outdoor areas for you to tinker and experiment with. You can purchase one of our meticulously maintained pre-owned homes or move into a freshly built, never-owned house. You can even partner with Cedarglen Homes and create your very own utopia in Calgary’s West Springs. No matter your decision, your home’s outdoor space is yours to personalize. Call 403-250-5650 or fill out the online contact form to explore your home and outdoor living areas with Encore West Grove Estates. 

Nuts And Bolts Of Your Outdoor Living Space

Designing the outdoor living space of your dreams can be challenging without guidance. Considering how nature and its elements are often unpredictable, every decision you make about outdoor living should keep nature in mind.

These 5 tips should serve you well as you design your outdoor living space:

  1. Weatherproof your outdoor space: If you want to spend any significant time in your yard, you will need some form of protection against inclement weather and harmful ultraviolet rays. At the very least, you should install a large umbrella on your patio. If your budget allows it, you can also consider installing a gazebo or a pergola. These structures add more charm to your outdoor area and offer even more protection against the sun. Consider durable materials and construction to stand up to Calgary’s harsh weather events. 
  2. Invest in high-quality furniture: Invest in high-quality furniture. The best outdoor furniture is not only weatherproof and easily washable, but it is probably more comfortable as well. The higher initial cost to purchase quality will save you money over time. Who says that your outdoor living space should be less comfortable than your living room?
  3. Consider going electric: Ensure you have sufficient electrical service accessible from the key living areas in your yard. This gives you the option to watch your favourite sports program or even jam to your sound system while enjoying a cool evening breeze. Another perk to well-planned backyard electrical is that it facilitates lawn maintenance with easily accessible outlets for mowing and more. Do note, however, that electrifying your outdoor living space requires an electrician. The electrician will also teach you how to protect your electric systems from the weather. Remember, electricity and water do not mix! One thing is sure, though. Your guests will absolutely adore a fully powered outdoor living space. 
  4. Think about plants: What is an outdoor living area without plants? Adding plants is a great way to help you create privacy, outline different spaces, grow food, and to inject personality into your space. Low maintenance plants are a great option if you have a busy lifestyle or if your thumb is less than green. If you love to cook, try planting some herbs or microgreens in planters or raised beds. Plant fast-growing trees to develop privacy around the perimeter. Flowers will attract bees and other pollinators keeping your garden healthy and abuzz but keep these away from dining areas so you can eat in peace.
  5. Create the perfect ambience: Get creative by combining water, fire, and lighting in your outdoor living area! The sight and sound of flowing water has been shown to have a calming effect. If you want the area to be as relaxing as it can possibly be, you will definitely want a water feature. Even a small fountain can do the trick.  A fire feature like a fire pit allows you to enjoy the outdoors even as the weather gets colder. Stock up on warm blankets and marshmallows and you can have a nice camping experience right at home! Lightning is necessary if you want to stay outside after dusk. Layer lighting with garden stake lighting, string lights, even outdoor chandeliers and get inventive with lighting placement to shape your outdoor living area’s atmosphere.  

An Outdoor Living Space Designed By You 

Your outdoor living space should be the product of your artistry and inspiration. Not only should it be functional, it should also reflect who you are as a homeowner. That said, not everybody has experience designing the exterior. Some things to keep in mind include:

  • Weatherproofing
  • Furnishing
  • Electrification 
  • Plants
  • Ambience 

Our agents at Encore West Grove Estates would love to help you choose your Cedarglen home and explore outdoor living options with you. See how you can move into the wonderful West Springs community today! Call 403-250-5650 or fill out the online contact form


Should I build my outdoor living space by myself or hire a professional?
This depends on your experience with home renovation and your budget. Do it yourself for the pride of ownership and to save money or hire someone for guaranteed results.

Can I hire an exterior home designer? 
Of course! Studio 81, Encore West Grove Estates’ design centre, is there to help you put your design ideas onto paper. 

How much should I budget for my outdoor living space? 
This depends on a multitude of factors, but the average home exterior makeover is $7,700. 


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