The Benefits of Architectural Controls

Purchasing a home is a really big deal! You likely spent many hours considering what you wanted in a home; how many bedrooms and bathrooms, the layout of your kitchen, the ideal location of your laundry room, the size of your backyard, the finishes on the exterior facade of your home. You probably also considered which neighbourhood would be ideal for your family, nearby schools and shopping, access to major roadways, and resale values. All of these features contribute to creating the perfect home to support your lifestyle and protecting your investment. Architectural Controls are one device community developers may implement to create the most desirable neighbourhoods and maintain property values for homeowners.

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When the guidelines for a community are designed thoughtfully with options for homeowners to express individuality, Architectural Controls can cultivate a dynamic community identity, boost desirability, and increase property values.

Architectural Controls (ACs) are guidelines set out by the community developer to:

Create a recognizable, neighbourhood identity

When a community is developed with a distinct and evident personality, it becomes set apart from other neighbourhoods. This will undoubtedly attract homeowners with similar aesthetic sensibilities, and establish a true neighbourhood culture.

Ensure quality, consistent standards for homes, amenities, and landscaping

With architectural guidelines driving development, homeowners can be assured that all residences and amenities within their community will be built to the same exacting standards resulting in an appealing flow and harmonious cohesion.

Create Diversity

Despite the notion that Architectural Controls create neighbourhoods that are “cookie-cutter”, such guidelines can actually create diversity and interest by ensuring that two identical homes are not built in close proximity. An intelligent AC will actually offer a variety of options to ensure that each homeowner has the ability to infuse their home with details that reflect their own unique tastes.

Preserve the beauty of the development and protect property values

Neighbourhoods that are intelligently designed will feature some amazing details that contribute to the desirability for buyers. Ensuring that these amenities and characteristics cannot be undermined with poor design decisions,  the value of the community and the homes within is maintained.

Implement practices that uphold community values such as environmental sustainability, safety, and privacy

In master-designed neighbourhoods that have leveraged the existing landscape and topography of an area, ACs can conserve nature’s beauty. Fencing and lighting guidelines can contribute to a safer community. And standards for things like window and deck placements can ensure homeowner privacy can be maintained.

Architectural Controls are an effective approach to creating visionary, beautiful, well-designed, and highly sought after communities.


Bri-mor is committed to developing communities that offer Calgarians beautiful homes and clever, well-designed neighbourhoods. With Encore at West Grove Estates, we offer elegant, semi-estate homes nestled in the heart of West Springs. Encore combines the hustle and bustle of city living (easy commutes, access to urban amenities) amid the uplifting and mature, natural beauty of this southwest community. Our neighbours have access to shopping, dining, excellent schools and recreation facilities while living just steps away from the breathtaking Rocky Mountains. Encore is carefully planned with comprehensive Architectural Controls to ensure your investment in this community, financial and personal, will have value for years to come.

To discover Encore at West Grove Estates and explore our discerning Architectural Controls, connect with our Bri-mor team today.



Do architectural controls mean I cannot pick my own house colour?

Architectural guidelines with set standards for building styles, elevations, and placement within the lot, but you will still have lots of opportunities to personalize your home by selecting the colour, the style, and the architectural details like stonework, lighting, and landscaping.

Can I build a fence between my yard and the neighbours?

Any neighbourhood that has ACs could have different policies for fencing. At Encore, fences are permitted between neighbouring houses, but they must be chosen from a pre-approved list of styles.

Can I incorporate solar energy panels into my home? 

Absolutely. There are some guidelines for the placement of solar panels in consideration of your neighbours, but our Architectural Coordinator can advise you and your builder.


Semi-estate homes built by an award-winning builder in the highly sought-after SW Calgary community of West Springs. That's what you get when you choose Encore at West Grove Estates. Our homes are painstakingly crafted with elegance and quality at the forefront of everything we do. Because in the end, you deserve a home built just the way you want.

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